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Reasons To Hire A Arborist v/s DIY

A DIY in your yard is doable with small shrubs and trees. But when it comes to the trees with huge canopies, you have to get expert advice to trim and prune your yard. Brothers in arms tree service in Niceville, Florida, offers all-around tree care services to help your garden bloom and come to life.  Many tree care experts are self-taught, but the arborist is the qualified tree care professional maintaining a yard. 

Who is an arborist?

An arborist is more or less a tree surgeon. He/she is an expert in planting, maintaining, and caring for trees and shrubs. They provide solutions to all the tree care doubts ensuring the tree is in the best form. They are the qualified providers of the tree care service, which makes them fully capable of handling risky situations and emerging victorious. The scope of their work varies based on their specialization. The highly qualified arborist is a one-man-army who inspects, suggests, and takes action to save or remove the tree. 

They provide expertise on subject matters like tree pruning, tree diseases, trees to plant, maintenance, tree care. 

While many concentrate on watering and pruning, the arborist goes beyond this and knows the science of how to heal the wounds inflicted by tree trimming, how to tackle trees in power lines, tree diseases, and tree care after pruning or tree removal.  

Diy vs arborist: 


The arborist enters your yard with years of experience and training. They know the telltale signs of diseases and ailments common to the trees and can assess the health of trees with distinction. While a layman with zero studies of trees is not the one you want advice from on your precious trees. 

Tree health assessment

The arborist can study and evaluate the tree health by observing and taking care of all the contributing elements, weather, nearby structure and buildings, other trees in your yard, the tree itself, and its trunk and root health known by a professional tree care arborist. 

Suggesting tree care

They ask for your expectations from your yard. They consider your style and tree concerns and, accordingly, devise an all tree care service that will plant suitable trees, trim and prune and remove the tree in your yard. 

Tree removal

tree removal is unavoidable in some cases. It’s their motive to save the other trees in your yard and remove the ones proving to be a threat. A DIY, in this case, might prove hazardous or even fatal when done carelessly. Do not attempt such a feat with no experience. 

Emergency tree service

The trees entangled in power lines, planted near utilities, have a law against them that they need to be removed to ensure local safety. A professional tree care arborist is called upon to advise in both cases as he is aware of the tree laws and regulations and can inspect the tree damage and take action. Also, storm-hit trees with broken branches or tree trunks are treated as a tree emergency by the local arborist. 


depending on the yard space available the tree should be planted, keeping in mind the maximum growth and the expanse it will consume in the future. The overcrowding of trees may cause a scramble for soil nutrients resources. The arborist is knowledgeable about the trees and their growth. He plans the trees accordingly in your yard space. 

Why hire an arborist for your yard?

The arborist brings to your yard unmatched expertise and knowledge. They make a custom plan for your yard according to your desires and tree requirements. 

They bring to your yard the services that will make your yard bloom and overflow with green prosperity. 

Call on the Brothers in arms tree service for the best tree care and tree services in Florida, Niceville.

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