Tree Disease

Spotting The Signs Of 10 Common Tree Disease

The trees are a strong, magnificent creation, self-sufficient, and able to look out for themselves. However, when the natural balance of the tree structure is disturbed by intruders like insects and bugs, or fungal infections, the tree can quickly give out and lose the fight. It is our responsibility to look out for the Tree Disease and observe changes that might suggest abnormal behavior/infestation. Following are some of the diseases prevailing in Florida that might cause eventual loss of tree infested as well as the neighboring trees. Call the local tree services to inspect your yard. Brothers in arms tree service will provide a free quote on the yard services that you require.

Tree Disease:

  1. Fusiform rust: the pines develop cigar-shaped galls, yellow pustules on the main trunk. 
  2. Laurel wilt: it is transmitted by ambrosia beetles and destroys Red Bay and avocado trees throughout Florida. The leaves wilt and fall off, the stem develops abnormal protruding extensions. The only solution is to remove the tree in question. 
  3. Oak wilt: the disease is capable of spreading to the oaks in your yard. The fungal infection affects the oak by causing discoloration and wilting of leaves. The white oaks are treatable but red oaks are not. 
  4. Powdery mildew: found in every climate, the fungal infection is characterized by white spots and a powdery appearance. The fungal pathogens develop threads and spores on the leaves and bark that can stay for long and inhibit the growth of leaves and flowers. The trees should be treated with tree trimming and pruning or triadimefon. 
  5. Apple scab: the scab-like spots on the fruits and leaves cause the tree to lose fruits and foliage. Defoliation results in food shortage and stunted growth. The tree has to be treated with a fungicide that has fenarimol as its major element. 
  6. Dutch elm disease: the dutch elm disease is spread by bark beetles and affects thousands of elm trees across the U.S. It is also caused due to shoddy grafting. The water-carrying veins are clogged and the crown of the tree is devoid of water that causes the leaves to wilt and die. Tree removal is the best option for your yard. 

How to take care of Tree Disease?

The variety of three diseases that we see, some of which are difficult to identify and spot in time. Sometimes the only way to save your yard is to remove the tree infested or diseased to stop the spread to other trees. It is best to consult a tree service company for the next steps to make your yard healthy again. 

The experienced tree service will inspect the yard and each of your trees and suggest a unique solution for each of the trees. The spread of some diseases can be stopped by tree trimming and pruning as the experts deftly remove the infested parts of the tree and shape them to cover up any missing branches so it doesn’t look patchy. 

Tree removal is the only solution for some tree ailments. The quick removal of the infested tree can stop the spread and make sure that the rest of your yard is free of diseases. 

Why hire tree services?

Trees are the universal providers. We as humans only have to impart a certain amount of love and care to them, while they in return will answer our every basic need. Brothers in arms tree service are the #1 tree service in Florida. They enter your yard backed with years of experience treating Tree Disease and the disease they might suffer. They know the tell-tale signs unique to each ailment and know what symptoms to look for in which tree. The Brothers in Arms tree service will suggest an appropriate solution for your yard. Trees are known symbols of prosperity and healthy living. A property full of trees will surely draw the eyes of admiration of all the neighbors.

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