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Trees, however resolute, are not immortal. When they are attacked by a quick-spreading tree disease or hit by natural disasters, trees quickly lose the fight as they need much more time to heal and recover. In such cases, emergency tree service becomes a necessity. 

Also, Florida, frequented by winds and thunderstorms, results in the loss of many trees every year: another reason for tree decline. Thick, lush trees are destroyed, thrown across, broken from the trunk up, lying across the driveway/property. Dealing with storm-hit trees is best left to emergency tree service near you. Brothers in Arms tree service provides 24-hour emergency tree facilities in most of Florida. They handle urgent situations deftly, clearing the mess as soon as possible.

Tree emergency you should recognize right away:

Diseased Tree

The trees get infected by fungus, infested with bugs and insects that can quickly travel to other trees in your yard. Emergency tree removal is essential to counter the situation as soon as possible. The tree felling services will ensure the tree is removed, along with the bugs and insects, which prevents it from infecting other trees in your yard.

Power Line Danger

Living in a city like Fl, avoiding power lines and utility setups is impossible. Tree branches reaching up to the power lines is a cry for help. Unattended, this situation might cause fires, mess up power lines, interrupted electricity flow, or current may also jump from the wires to the tree. Immediately contact the emergency tree services in Crestview, Fl, and get the tree trimmed/removed immediately.

Natural Calamity

No matter how deep underneath the roots go when a storm hits the area, rooting out or broken trees is the most common aftermath. Contact the tree removal service to help clear the tree without causing any further damage to the surrounding property.

Weather-Beaten Evergreens

While the tree may still be standing after the storm passes, it may have weakened the tree structure. Inspect your trees for cracks, swaying tree branches, unnatural bending, and the roots if waterlogged from the rains. Such situations call for emergency tree facilities to get a second opinion or to remove the tree altogether for safety purposes.

Deep cracks, split trunk or branches, cavities, dead branches, unbalanced/leaning trees, intruding, or unwonted growth are other signs of danger to observe. Roots, reaching out towards the foundation of your house and water pipelines, or are peeking out of the ground require heavy trimming/removal.

About Crestview

Crestview is a city in Okaloosa CountyFlorida, United States. The population was 20,978 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Okaloosa County. With an elevation of 235 feet (72 m) above sea level, it is one of the highest points in the state;

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Tree emergency you should recognize right away:


Operating on any tree emergency without any beforehand training or experience is not advisable. The task of tree cutting must be entrusted to the professionals trained to respond particularly to emergencies.


Compared to the time required by a layman/homeowner, the trained crews need less time and effort to handle the crisis. They make a quick task out of the mess, covering all the details of it.

Working Efficiency

The workers have an excellent sense of risk assessment and a definite number of steps and protocols for the emergency tree/limb removal; cuts to make, parts to remove, branches to lower from the top, rigging the rope, maneuvering dangerous equipment, precautions to follow all comes from years of experience and efficiency built over time.


The insurance insinuates that any injury incurred by the worker during the risky endeavor is treated by the company you hired for the tree removal work. 

The tree removal service is aware of all the laws and regulations related to tree cutting emergencies, which, if ignored, can cause a hustle with the government authorities.


Chainsaws, ladders, hand saws, cranes are all necessary equipment, which needs to be handled carefully, with skill. Urgent circumstances require quick decisions and even quicker actions.

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Why Invest Brother In Arms Emergency Tree Service Crestview, FL?

The professionals handling tree emergencies ensure your safety first. They are good at mitigating the situation, avoiding further damage, and implementing quick steps. Brothers in Arms tree service is a veteran in this profession, which guarantees their sense of anticipation of the events and action plan to tackle the emergency quickly and cleanly for your benefit.



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