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Even sudden emergencies flash a warning sign before releasing their actual danger. It is critical to recognize the warning sign to avoid the complete disaster that follows. Understanding the situation and reacting appropriately to prevent damage or immediately implementing recovery protocol shows a good sense of ethics. Emergency tree services in Mary Esther are experienced in handling all types of tree emergency.

If your yard has several big trees and shrubs, it may become unmanageable to give each of them equal attention and care. Know how the trees are affected by their surroundings and how they improve the environmental air. For example. a tree will cut off the supply of nutrients and compartmentalize the section damaged.

It will completely seal off the access to the tree branch that will be dead in time. An active gardener will recognize this situation as a warning flash and will call the tree services to remove the dead arm immediately before it falls off and causes property damage or life hazard, there is a need to loop in the tree services.

Here are some of the other emergency signs that will help you recognize it and not wait until it’s too late to call.

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Types of emergencies:

Another criterion while calling the emergency tree service is to recognize the type of emergency.

Future Emergency

 It is a situation, although not harmful at the moment, that may cause safety hazards in the future unless recognized and acted on in time.

Immediate Emergency

It is the one that has caused enough damage and is still in the process of inducing further destruction. The situation requires urgent attention and control.


The emergency that is a result or an outcome of disaster or calamity and is a damage recovery procedure. It is a complicated situation as we need to make sure no further damage occurs.

Some of the emergencies are as below:

Natural Calamity

 Lightning, storms and thunderstorms and hurricanes are the chief cause of trees breaking, rooting out, or falling. No matter how strong, and the trees are rooted out, and the heavy winds carry them or break them. There are trees slumped, rooted out, split at the trunk/crown, and lying on roads, driveways, houses, and properties. Brothers In Arms Tree services will immediately answer your cry for help and help you in tree removal without causing further damage. It is a consequence-emergency and requires expert aid to tackle the situation. 


When the tree in your yard has been captured and infested by insects and bugs and it won’t be long before the bugs shift their colony to one of the other trees. While the tree infested is already damaged and beyond repair, there’s still time to save your yard. Armillaria, oak wilt, and anthracnose are the common tree diseases that affect the sturdy structure of the tree. The tree services will clear the tree infested, ensuring the safety of your yard.

Trees Near The Current

Trees growing in the power lines are a threat that can cause unexpected accidents like fire, power cut, safety hazard, current may jump from the wires to the tree. It is a future emergency calling for your attention. Tree Trimming services will be happy to trim off the tree branches to avoid any future mishaps. 

However, the tree that has broken down near the power utility is an immediate tree emergency. Do not go near the tree and immediately call the tree services in your locality to help tackle the situation. 

Decaying roots

When a thunderstorm hits the area, the clouds unleash rains till they are drained empty. The ground is flooded with water more than it can sustain. The tree roots are water-logged for hours. It results in root decay as they are unable to absorb all the nutrients dissolved in water. Waterlogging suffocates the roots by denying the air required for healthy growth.

Eventually, the rootlets begin to decay, and the tree is unstable. It is better to remove the tree as soon as possible since, without the strong roots, and the tree is in danger of falling in any direction. The Tree services will remove the tree and the decayed roots, leaving your yard ready for the next sapling to be planted in its place.

About Mary Esther, Florida

Mary Esther is a city in Okaloosa County, Florida, United States. The population was 3,851 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Fort Walton Beach–Crestview–Destin Metropolitan Statistical Area. 

Mary Esther gets its name from its first postmaster, John Newton, who named it for his daughters.

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Avoid any risky attempt to attend to the emergencies yourself. and as this may prove to be a reckless decision and an unsuccessful effort causing a safety hazard for everyone involved. Only the experts know the correct procedure to handle emergencies. Homeowners and bystanders only need to call the tree services, and Brother In Arms team will reach the spot in no time to clear the tree emergency.



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