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Humans have finally realized the essential role trees play in preserving the natural balance in the environment. Since then, they make a point of investing in a small yard at their home consisting of trees and shrubs that contribute to a green earth. We see trees line the driveways and property borders; they provide privacy and enhance the beauty of the house. 

Urban trees require attention and care that the 9-5 job workers cannot provide. After a long day at work, who has the time to trim, cut, and remove the trees growing into an urban forest? Therefore, investing in a tree removal service that assists in your area is a clever decision. Brother in Arms tree service provides tree-related facilities in all of Florida, including Seaside, Niceville, Destin, Santa Rosa County, Mary Esther, Fort Walton Beach, Choctaw Beach, Crestview, Okaloosa County. Do not hesitate to call them to get a free quote for your yard. 

Surveying your yard for tree removal

Goodbyes are never easy, but sometimes they are necessary. Tree removal service will try to make it easier on you by making a quick task out of it. But recognizing the need for tree removal and the final decision is of the homeowner to make. Here are some of the instances where tree cutting and removal is a necessity.


Trees never stop growing in their lifetime. Sometimes, trimming and pruning can regulate the growth, but as the tree spreads, it becomes undomesticated and grows in unwanted/wrong directions.

  • The branches can stick right up against your house or invade your neighbors’ space. Knowing that the tree will never stop growing makes tree cutting and removal the clear choice in these situations. 
  • The roots of the trees grow as strong as the branches and can destroy walls, sidewalks, and any concrete/cement construction in their way. They spread out vertically as well as horizontally in search of food and water.

You must hire an expert tree service to remove such a tree in your vicinity owing to the danger and safety hazards. Florida has a web connection of underground pipes, gas lines, sewers at stake when removing tree/tree roots. Hence, it’s essential to hire an experienced tree service for this purpose. Brother in Arms tree service operates in most of Florida – Seaside, Niceville, Destin, Santa Rosa County, Mary Esther, Fort Walton Beach, Choctaw Beach, Crestview, Okaloosa County.                                 

Sickness And Infestation

A tree that can withstand winds, storms and thunder can be killed by microscopic creatures like Bugs, insects, and fungus. They can multiply and travel to other trees, and if not curbed in time, they can destroy the whole of your yard simultaneously. They infest the tree through damaged branches, tree trunks, or decaying roots. The insects/fungus multiply and grow their colony by feeding off the tree and traveling to the next one in line. It is necessary to remove the tree without disturbing the colony by starting at the crown, cutting through branches, and descending towards the roots. unwanted/wrong directions.

  • When The colony spreads, there is no way of salvaging the tree. It is advisable to get rid of any tree with the slightest symptoms of infestation. The signs you look for are shedding of leaves, fungus/mushrooms, shedding of bark, spotting woodpecker feasting on the bugs.
  • Dogwood Borer, Asian Citrus, Psyllid Pine, Bark Beetles, Tent Caterpillars, emerald ash borer, cottony maple scale are the common tree diseases and bugs infesting trees in Florida. 

If the tree is to save, the tree removal service will advise you to trim off the infected parts. However, if it has to be cut, you can get the estimated cost from an expert tree service beforehand. Brother in arms will provide free cost estimation for the services you require in your yard.

Safety Hazard

  • Unbalanced tree: the tree must shoot upright vertically while growing. However, limited sunlight, construction obstacles, or simply weak structural growth can cause the tree to bend and lean in an unseemly direction. 
  • It can prove to be a safety hazard, especially in Florida, where thunderstorms prevail, which may cause the tree to break clean and fall off. 
  • Trees interfering with the power lines: can cause the main-circuit distortion, fire, or loss of electricity. The trees may carry the current from the powerlines it is touching, resulting in life hazards. 
  • Dead/decay: trees, when struck by lightning or damaged due to disease that affected their structural integrity, will die eventually. This dead branch or tree is an inconvenience in your yard. Invest in a tree removal company to clean your yard.

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Why Hire Brother In Arms Tree Service For Your yard In Niceville, FL ?

Tree removal, especially when removing roots and treetops, requires experience and expertise. Rigging the ropes to lower the branches cut from the tree crown, using ladders, cranes, chainsaws, and other equipment requires skill and proficiency. Hiring Brother in arms tree service will avoid injury and life hazards. They have substantial experience in this profession and an expert eye in observing the trees and taking care of them. With class one equipment, they will tend your yard with minimum fuss, quick and careful. Contact Brothers in arms tree service and get an estimate on your yard today.



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