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Although DIYs are a huge trend these days, they cannot be implemented for heavy-duty chores like tree removal and tree cutting. These tasks are not single-man chores and require a workforce when evergreens with large branches and foliage are involved. It’s better to hire tree services in your locality that will help you maintain your yard with pinpoint precision and skills. Hire tree services in Santa Rosa County, FL to make your yard bloom for your next summer yard party. Call Brothers in Arms tree service to get the estimate of tree services for your yard for free.

Why hire a professional tree service?

  • For Safety: the tree removal service Santa Rose County will remove the tree/tree limbs that are a safety hazard. 
  • for Health: trimming and pruning for better growth of the trees 
  • Aesthetics: shaping your tree for enhancing the beauty of your property
  • For Time management: you honestly can’t make time for tending and pruning your yard. 
  • for Preventive maintenance: trimming/removing a tree to prevent the onset of insects and fungus in your yard
  • Cleaning: clearing away the dead and diseased tree branches/ tree trunks from your yard

Services Offered By A Tree Service


The tree experts will inspect your yard trees and help you identify the tree care required for each one. They will suggest tree trimming that is the most appropriate, tree removal for trees that need to go, identify the cause as to why some trees have stunted growth, which insects and bugs to look out for, and any future tree emergencies.

Tree Pruning

Trimming the trees promotes a healthy growth pattern as all the dead ends are eliminated, making room for fresh foliage. Tree trimming can be implemented as a preventive measure when the homeowner is trying to save a tree infected with disease or is losing its green cover. Following are the common tree trimming types provided by the tree trimming services in Santa Rosa County.

    • Fine-trimming: mainly done for appearance purposes, trimming the trees for landscaping 
    • Crown raising/raise canopy: clearing the low-hanging tree branches and raising the overall crown of the tree to prevent it from obstructing pathways. 
    • Deadwooding/Canopy cleaning: it is the method of removing the dead and the decaying branches. It is a necessary step to promote the growth and healthy bloom of the tree. 
    • Crown reduction: a decrease in the volume of the tree will help in relieving the weight of the tree top, so the tree is not overloaded.

Tree Removal

If the tree is dead or infected severely with disease and decay, it is better to remove the tree when we see that it is incapable of healing itself. The tree removal is an aftermath step when the area suffers a natural calamity that damages the property and trees on a large scale. The tree service company surveys the damage incurred, plans the next move, and ensures no further damage.

Looming Safety Hazard

Dead tree branches waiting to fall off, trees leaning dangerously to one side, evergreens infested with insects and fungus, or tree branches caught in power lines, all require immediate tree trimming or removal.


The after-effects of storms and rains are mostly loss of trees and property. The trees fall haphazardly on the roads, driveway, houses and are to be removed without causing any further damage. The tree service company answer will answer your call for help without delay and minimize the damage to your property.

Dead Tree/Stump Removal

The stump is the ugly feature that some homeowners just don’t seem to get rid of. The stumps and the dead tree with loose roots are a safety hazard for children in the house. If not tackled in time, they may become a breeding ground for fungus and waterlogging sites in rains. The tree removal in this case requires root removal as well.

Roots Removal

Removing or even trimming the roots that are spread so deep and wide may prove to be impossible, especially if they are crawling underneath a concrete structure. To eliminate the tree roots, we require special equipment and professional tree service to help prevent damage to the property and clear the roots.

About Santa Rosa County

Santa Rosa County is a county located in the northwestern portion of the U.S. state of Florida. As of 2020, the population is 184,313. The county seat is Milton, which lies in the geographic center of the county. Other major communities within Santa Rosa County are Navarre, Pace, and Gulf Breeze

Things To Do In Santa Rosa County

tree servicr santa rosa county
tree servicr santa rosa county

Why Hire Brothers In Arms Tree Service Santa Rosa County

The Brothers in Arms tree service will receive the idea of your garden style and try to match the aesthetics of your trees to what you had told them you had in mind. Explain your view of an ideal yard, and they’ll perform all tree services for an affordable price. Sit back and relax while the Brothers in arms tree service will handle your gardening chores of removing that old stump, inspecting your yard for infestation, trimming the dead branches, clearing off the fallen woods. When they leave, you will have the yard that’s neat as a new haircut.



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