Emergency Tree Service Santa Rosa County

The emergency tree services handle situations like storm-hit trees, fallen trees, infested/infected trees, and every other tree emergency. The yard owner or the neighbors affected and involved in the tree accident need only call the local tree services and report an emergency. 

Emergency tree service in Santa Rosa, Florida, has qualified specialists on their team who are capable of handling crises with precision and courage. They provide service in all of Florida and answer citizens’ cries for help with equal fervor. Please do not attempt to tackle the tree disaster yourself, as it may encompass unseen danger and lead to severe consequences.

Tree Care Complications You Encounter While Removing A Tree

Dead/diseased Tree Emergency

The dead tree branches, the diseased and decayed tree trunk, the infested evergreen in your yard are obviously noticeable, but it may not be as obvious to remove them from your yard. 

  • The impending danger should be calculated and responded to as soon as possible. Do not try to climb the tree and remove the dead branches yourself without the proper tools. It may cause injury to both you and the tree. The tree branch removal requires cranes and advanced chainsaws for a fine service.
  • A disease-ridden evergreen has weakened roots and fragile tree structure that can fall or break at any time. Prevent the dead tree from becoming a breeding ground for fungus and mushrooms. It is advisable to call the tree services immediately and not go to the tree yourself.
  • The infected trees: the trees infested with bugs and fungus should be avoided contact with, as it may travel to other trees you visit for care and watering. That is how the infection travels. The tree removal services will ensure the tree is removed, along with the bugs and insects, without involving other trees in the yard, which prevents it from traveling.

Power Line Danger

 When you see the tree branches reaching up into power lines, it is a cry for help. It might cause fires, mess up power lines, interrupt electricity flow, or the current may jump from the wires to the tree in rains. Immediately contact the emergency tree services and get the tree trimmed/removed. Make sure your house electricity is off to avoid any accidents.

Natural Calamity

The trees uprooted in the windstorm and thunderstorm are thrown haphazardly into the surroundings. Emergency tree removal is a necessary step to avoid causing further damage to the property, roads, driveways.

Weather-Beaten Evergreens

While the tree may still be standing after the storm passes, it may have weakened the tree structure. Inspect your trees for cracks, swaying/broken tree branches, unnatural bending, and the roots if waterlogged from the rains. Trying to remove it yourself will add to the situation as these trees are already eroded and may give up at any moment. Such circumstances call for Santa Rosa County tree service in emergency to get a second opinion or to remove the tree altogether for safety purposes.

About Santa Rosa County

Santa Rosa County is a county located in the northwestern portion of the U.S. state of Florida. As of 2020, the population is 184,313. The county seat is Milton, which lies in the geographic center of the county. Other major communities within Santa Rosa County are Navarre, Pace, and Gulf Breeze

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Why Hire Brothers In Arms Tree Service Santa Rosa County


Operating emergencies without any beforehand training or experience is inviting trouble. The task of tree-cutting must be given to the professionals trained to respond particularly to emergencies. Brothers in arms tree service prioritize the safety of the people and property above everything while working the crises out of your way.

Working Efficiency

The emergency tree felling services will make a quick and accurate risk assessment of the situation. The workers already have a definite number of steps and protocols to respond to every condition related to tree accidents. The tree cutting service will quickly remove the tree in question so that the daily routine is reinstated and returns to normal minus the emergency alert of the tree.


Cuts to make, parts to remove, branches to lower from the top, rigging the rope, maneuvering dangerous equipment, precautions to follow, and anticipating the fall of the tree all require expertise and skill that comes from rigorous training and experience. Brothers in arms tree service is a veteran-owned tree service, well known in Florida and experienced in over 250 tree services.


 chainsaws, ladders, hand saws, cranes are all necessary equipment, which needs to be handled carefully, with skill. Urgent circumstances require quick decisions and even quicker actions. Even the slightest slip of a hand can cause injury to the person or can inflict damage to the tree. The equipment makes the tree removal work a lot easy but, at the same time, is risky for a nonprofessional to use. Therefore, it is vital to hire professional tree removal service that ensures your safety first.

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