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The urban forests are a lot harder to maintain owing to the limited space available and the quick differing weather conditions in cities. Evergreens for yards come with their own set of tree care prerequisites that need fulfilling for them to thrive. 

In Florida, junipers and sweet-olive trees are the most common evergreens you see in the home yards/properties. Tree trimming forms a significant part of the urban tree care service and is also the one that gets delayed the most. Get your appointment with the tree trimming services in crestview, florida, if your yard is swaying with overgrown evergreens. It is not a one-person job and requires tree chipping tools along with cranes if the tree is a tall one. Simultaneously, an excellent tree trimming service will enhance the growth, but a crudely done job will hack the tree of its beauty and health. 

Some mistakes can cost you dearly while pruning the trees, but you can avoid them if you make the careful decision of hiring a tree trimming company that comes with a workforce, tools, and dexterity to your yard.

Mistakes to avoid while performing tree trimming and pruning services?

No Trimming At All

Maintenance-free yard/tree is a myth. The lush evergreens in your yard may look too good to trim or prune. But to prolong the tree’s health, you have to take care of its overgrown state. 

  • The evergreen may already have exceeded the space allotted to it in your yard. Pruning helps keep in check the untamed branches and foliage.
  • No pruning can cause high maintenance costs later on. 
  • Dense tree canopies provide high resistance and, therefore, increase the risk of wind damage as the wind does not pass through the tree, eventually causing breakage.

Too Much Topping

The trees growing unrestricted, tall, and large is not the luxury we can afford in cities where the trees might come in contact with the wires and utilities. But simply eliminating the treetop to counter the height is not the solution: Chopping the treetop damages the main tree trunk that provides circulation to the complete evergreen and is as bad as tree removal service crestview. An expert tree trimming service will not remove the top tree trunk unless absolutely needed.

No Tools

A key to a quick, easy tree cutting service is the use of clean, sharp, right-sized tools best handled by professionals. Rusty tools cause ragged, improper cuts, which can cause ripping/shredding of the branch. The wounds take longer to heal owing to the uneven surface hacked from the tree branch. The tree chipping service has excellent tools, waxed and sharpened periodically to save time on the job: one more reason to hire them, including your safety and their expertise. 

Poor Techniques

Bad cuts, improperly pruned stubs sticking out, flush cuts, heading cuts all indicate an awful tree trimming job. 

  • Flush cutting: pruning the tree branch below the collar. Removing the collar of the tree branch leaves the tree with an open wound that does not heal or seal. It becomes the breeding ground for pests and diseases as the wound is open and unable to form a callus over the tree cut. Hence a clean-cut a little beyond the collar is the one you require for optimum tree care. 
  • A proper tree maintenance service is the one that leaves your tree looking even and undisturbed.

Over Pruning

Tree maintenance is an overtime project and cannot be fast-forwarded to a yard full of healthy flowering/fruiting trees. Trimming tree branches promotes growth and structural strength but only if done right and over a period. Each cut, however clean, is a wound that requires recovery. Therefore, cut only as much as needed to eliminate the tree issues like disease, dead branches, cross branches, unbalanced growth.

Lion Tailing

It implies the practice of crudely severing the inside branches and foliage of the tree, which, in turn, has detrimental effects on the tree growth pattern. The tree with its insides gutted implements a stress reaction where it grows more foliage along the branches, trunk, and end twigs to continue photosynthesis. The tree is weakened due to low photosynthesis and inflicted wounds that may take a long time to recover. 

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Tree Trimming Services Crestview
Tree Trimming Services Crestview

Why Invest Brother In Arms Tree Trimming Service Crestview, FL?

In Florida, the evergreens are in abundance, growing wild and dangerous in a short period. The large tree service requires the workers to utilize ropes and cranes to remove the treetop. It is best to give this task to the tree wizards, experts in rigging ropes to lower the branches from the top and maneuvering cranes for optimum reach. Therefore, hire the Brother in Arms tree specialists to provide you complete tree service for your yard



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