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Tree maintenance is an overtime project and cannot be fast-forwarded to a yard full of healthy, flowering/fruiting trees. Patience is the key. Once matured, the lush evergreens in your yard may look too good to trim or prune. But your trees will require a tree trimming service to prolong the tree’s life, enhance its health and take care of its overgrown state. Tree services will help you tend your yard trees as quickly as possible, leaving you satisfied and pleased with the freshly cut and pruned yard.

Brothers in Arms tree service will help you with critical tasks like tree removal, roots removal, stump grinding, and high tree branch removal. They serve areas in all Florida, including Seaside, Niceville, Destin, Santa Rosa County, Mary Esther, Fort Walton Beach, Choctaw Beach, Crestview, Okaloosa County.

Tree Care Services Provided By The Brothers In Arms Tree Service

Tree Pruning And Trimming

Tree trimming requires exceptional tree knowledge and equipment skills to tackle each unique tree and its high reaching branches. Some of the trimming solutions are listed below.

  •  Crown cleaning or deadwooding: a method of trimming, where you remove the dead and diseased branches. This process prevents the decay from spreading.
  • Crown thinning: this trimming is to thin out the leaves and branches on the top, so the sunlight reaches more low-lying branches and lawns, and the weight is overall reduced and distributed equally.
  • Crown raising: the lower tree branches are cut off to uplift the canopy of the tree. This one is usually for decorative purposes and requires experienced workers from the tree trimming and removal service for reshaping the tree.
  • Crown reduction: this is a preventive measure where the tree trimming service eliminates the branches that stick out towards structures and may cause damage to the property.

Tree Removal

In some instances, tree care services have to choose the removal of a tree to keep the rest of the yard safe, infestations being one of the biggest reasons for tree removal, followed by dead or encroaching trees. 

The danger of tree removal: 

  • Anticipating the fall: the tree cutting services can correctly approximate the fall of the tree, or they use the rope rigging method to lower the upper tree branches safely on the ground. 
  • Equipment: removing a tree consists of removing the tree branches, trunk, tree roots and clearing the land after removal. The operation requires experts and equipment to ease the task and execute it in time. The chainsaws, cranes, and every piece of equipment is a threat in the hands of an amateur. 
  • Dangerous surroundings: tree cutting services also operate on trees situated near utilities, electric wires. They need to be removed with utmost care and vigilance. A slight slip of hand may cause accidents of life and property. 

Root Removal

  • Unrestricted growth of trees and their roots can cause a lot more trouble than if you had just restrained it by regular trimming. The tree roots search for water and are drawn to the pipelines underground. It is a smart move to contact an expert tree trimming and removal company and get a cost estimate of eliminating the roots.
  • The danger of root removal: the underground pipelines are at stake while tackling root removal. The roots may damage the pipeline, but the equipment used to remove the rootlets may also wreck them. Therefore let the professionals manage challenging the task.

Stump Removal

Stumps in your yard are not just eye-sores amid the lush green lawns but also a danger to the rest of your trees. Tree stumps are known to be the breeding ground for fungi and mushrooms, which may spread to other trees in your yard. You can prevent this unwanted chain of events by simply calling a Tree Trimming and removal company to your aid. Be it the stump or a dead tree trunk in your yard: both are treated with equal attention to detail. It includes removal of roots and smoothening over the land after removal.

About Florida

Florida is distinctive for its large Cuban expatriate community and high population growth, as well as for its increasing environmental issues. The state’s economy relies mainly on tourism, agriculture, and transportation, which developed in the late 19th century.

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Why Hire Brothers In Arms Tree Service

As you might have estimated, trees are far more complex than what meets the eye. There are unseen circumstances that may arise sabotaging the complete activity, either it is tree trimming or tree removal. Professional workers have a certain number of protocols and steps for every tree service, and they are trained to manage things if dark circumstances arise while the operation is in progress. Brothers in Arms tree service, with superior experience have an excellent record of all tree services and a list of happy clientele. They cover all of Florida, including Seaside, Niceville, Destin, Santa Rosa County, Mary Esther, Fort Walton Beach, Choctaw Beach, Crestview, Okaloosa County. Contact them to Get an estimate on yard services that you need today!



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