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Emergencies can arrive unannounced, or they may be hiding right in front of you in plain sight. We think of the trees that give us the cool, bear us fruits and flowers may never prove to be a danger of any kind. But when the storm hits or the rains flood, and the roaring thunder strikes, these trees no longer are our friends.

In Destin, Florida, We see trees that grow untamed, their roots going deep in search of water, their branches growing wild, unrestricted, their trunk increasing in size with years added to them. All of these may prove to be a warning in disguise. But when it comes to trees, we do not realize it’s an emergency until too late. Even then, call the emergency tree service Destin, FL, to help with tree services urgently. 

Here are some of the signs that will help you recognize the emergency and not wait until it’s too late to call the tree services.

Emergency Tree service Destin, FL, Serving Immediately

Florida has the highest number of wildfires and hurricanes: both affect the life and property of the people. Trees are significant fire carriers, and most of the hurricane damage are sights of trees falling/uprooting on the property. When such an emergency arises, immediately call the Brother in Arms tree service, as they have the best emergency response for tree services, Destin, Florida. 

When The Lightning Strikes a Tree, a Storm Hits The Area, Rains/Thunderstorms

Lightning, storms, thunderstorms, hurricanes are the chief cause of trees breaking, rooting out, or falling. No matter how strong, the trees are rooted out, and the heavy winds carry them or break them. It’s not until after the natural disaster has passed that we have to face the consequences. Tree service will immediately answer your cry for help and help you estimate the tree removal costs.

When the tree is near utility service/powerlines

Living in a city like Destin, you know Trees near utility and power lines are the exact recipe for disaster. The tree branches growing into the powerlines can damage the wires and cause the current to jump from wires to those branches. Open circuit and sudden fires are other safety hazards, and we can avoid them with tree trimming service or emergency tree removal of the concerned tree. Tree services in Destin, FL will remove your worries AND the tree that is a danger. Nothing comes before safety.

When trees are diseased or infested

Disease and infestation jump from one tree to another. Armillaria, oak wilt, anthracnose are the common tree diseases that affect the sturdy structure of the tree. Emergency tree removal will clear the tree infested, ensuring the safety of your yard. We need to contain the cause of the disease/infestation before your whole yard is covered in fungus or crawling with bugs and insects. Mushrooms at the base, different colors at the bark, spotted leaves, cavities in the trunk are some of the telltales that indicate unhealthy trees.

When trees are causing damage

When growing trees in your yard, you may not have estimated how big they might grow out to be. It’s a mistake if you plant a tree near your property wall/house as it can lean over/fall, or its branches might damage the roof. Keeping your trees trimmed will help you avoid such mishaps. Following are the tree emergencies that you might encounter while growing large trees near your house:

  • Property damage: a tree falling over your house or wall during the heavy storm or roaring winds 

  • Plumbing damage: roots reaching out far into the ground towards your house plumbing calls for a professional tree service that will get rid of the roots/tree


Safety hazard: trees with dead branches(no leaves and flowers) may fall off anytime with wind or simply because it has dried up. The crown of the tree needs a crane, and hence quality tree removal services will effectively help you in this situation.

About Destin FL

Destin is a city in northwest Florida, in the area known as the Panhandle. 

It’s known for its Gulf of Mexico beaches and many golf courses, as well as the Destin Harbor Boardwalk. 

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Emergency Tree Service Destin
Emergency Tree Service Destin

Why Hire Brother in Arms Tree Service

Knowing the emergency will aid your response to it. Being aware of the situation helps you better think and act accordingly in times of crisis. Avoid any risky attempt to attend to the emergencies yourself, as this may prove to be a reckless decision and an unsuccessful endeavor causing a safety hazard for everyone involved. Only the experts know the correct procedure to handle emergencies. Homeowners and bystanders only need to call the local tree services immediately, and they will reach the spot in no time to clear the tree situation.




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