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A Guide on Selecting Wind-Resistant Trees

A lot goes into picking the trees to plant on your property. However, considering the difficulties of Florida’s climate, choosing wind-resistant trees is crucial. These tree species can withstand the area’s harsh environmental conditions.

This post will offer a guide on selecting wind-resistant trees, highlighting the importance of regular professional tree service and limiting wind damage.

How Wind Affects Trees

High winds can cause severe damage to trees, leaving them with twisted limbs and broken tops. In some cases, your tree could suffer split limbs, which can result in the death of branches. The split limbs can also fall, potentially causing property damage and severe injuries.

In extreme cases, strong winds can cause trees to sway. Though this issue might seem minor, the swaying can pull and stretch the roots, which can:

  • Disrupt root-soil contact
  • Decrease water absorption
  • Increase the severity of water stress

If that isn’t enough, wind storms can damage the tree’s canopy, affecting the tree’s productivity and health.

While completely preventing this is impossible, planting and caring for wind-resistant trees can help you limit the damage.

Improving Wind Resistance

When choosing what trees to plant in areas prone to high-speed winds, consider the following factors:

The Strength of a Tree’s Root Systems

Roots do more than retrieve nutrients from the soil; they also act as anchors, enabling the tree to establish itself firmly in the ground.

It is vital to pick trees with strong root systems because it will be harder for high winds to weaken or uproot them.

Size of the Trunk

How wide is the tree’s trunk when the tree fully matures? Tress species with thick trunks and strong barks can withstand fierce winds without suffering life-threatening injuries.

Planting Location

Consider planting your wind-resistant trees in a location in your yard that receives less wind.

For instance, buildings and other structures could safeguard your tree from large gusts of wind. However, ensure you give the tree enough space to establish a strong root system as it grows.

Tree Species

Native trees have had the time to adapt to the area’s climate and can better withstand the high winds synonymous with Florida. Additionally, these trees are ideal for local temperatures and soil conditions.

Additional Recommendations

As helpful as the above factors are, there are a few more things you should keep in mind, such as:

  • Consider planting your trees in clusters since this makes them more resistant to high winds
  • Give your tree as much rooting space as possible to improve its anchorage and wind resistance
  • If your tree has broad leaves, prune and trim it regularly
  • Pick a tree with high salt tolerance

Comprehensive Tree Service in Florida

Besides picking the right wind-resistant trees, providing them with consistent care will help them withstand strong winds better. Though this can be challenging, our expert arborists can provide you with professional tree service.

Contact Brothers In Arms Tree Service for all the assistance you need, including the questions to ask a tree removal service.

Call us today at (850) 461-9500 for professional tree services throughout Florida.

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