how to cut big limbs off a tree

How to Cut Big Limbs off a Tree the Safe Way

Are your tree’s larger branches getting out of hand? Pruning them can help you mitigate the risks these branches pose. If that isn’t enough, proper pruning can go a long way in enhancing your tree’s health and longevity.

However, there’s a lot more to pruning than first meets the eye. Without the right level of expertise, you could do more harm than good.

To help you prevent this, we will help you learn how to cut big limbs off a tree correctly and safely.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

Care and precision are crucial to ensuring your pruning goes as it should. Before sharing what to do when pruning large branches, we thought we’d touch on a few things you should keep in mind.

Safety Is Key

Besides the potential to harm your tree, DIY pruning is also dangerous. Fortunately, wearing the right gear, using safety equipment, and handling the tools correctly can keep you safe.

Pay Attention to the Branch’s Length

Your tree uses callus tissues to seal pruning cuts and prevent disease and decay. Cutting the branch too long or too short will obstruct this healing process. As a result, this could leave your tree vulnerable to pests, decay, and diseases.

Consult Professionals

Though you can learn how to cut big limbs off a tree, the results you achieve will not meet the standards of professional pruning. This is why experts often recommend hiring a tree trimming service.

How to Cut Big Limbs off a Tree

Here are the steps to follow when cutting big limbs off a tree.

Make a Notch Cut

About two or three feet from the trunk, make a small cut underneath the branch you are pruning.

Reduce the Branch’s Weight

The branch’s size and weight pose significant risks. Fortunately, making a relief cut can help you reduce this weight.

To do so, make a cut a third of the way through the branch. Afterward, make another cut two inches away from the relief cut. Once you do, a portion of the branch should fall to the ground.

Remove the Branch

After mitigating the weight issue, you can proceed to make the cut that will remove the rest of the branch. Ensure you cut at the point where the branch’s collar meets the trunk.

Professional Pruning Services

One can never overstate the importance of pruning. Removing large branches not only protects you but also improves your tree’s overall health.

While the steps we’ve shared above will help you learn how to cut big limbs off a tree correctly, consulting a professional is still your best option. Doing so grants you access to services that guarantee quality results every time.

At Brothers In Arms Tree Service, we have a team of highly skilled arborists ready to address all your pruning needs. We also offer personalized solutions to those looking to hire a skillful tree removal company.

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