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How to Obtain a Tree Removal Permit in Destin, FL

Are you thinking about removing a tree in Destin, FL? Contact Destin’s tree removal service for help identifying the signs of a dying tree. Tree professionals train for years to provide safe, effective tree removal services. 

Obtaining a tree removal permit requires specific paperwork and an understanding of the tree you wish to remove. Each township maintains clear guidelines on planting and removing trees, so always contact your local officials for more information before removing trees. Continue reading to learn the best way to obtain a tree removal permit in Destin, FL. 

What to Know Before Removing a Tree

Before hiring the first tree service company you find, consider learning more about the tree you need removed. For example, Florida law protects mangrove trees against removal because they serve the essential function of protecting shorelines. Other trees protected under Florida law include the following: 

  • Pond Cypress
  • Hackberry
  • Buttonwood
  • Coconut Palm 
  • Red Maple
  • And many more! 

Explore the US Forest Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Services websites for a complete Florida protected tree list. Removing an endangered tree may result in hefty fines and jail time. Tree removal permits help to preserve endangered species of trees from extinction. 

How to Obtain a Tree Removal Permit

Never attempt to remove a tree from your property without the proper permits or the supervision of professionals. Improperly removed trees risk damaging your property and breaking underground utility lines. Tree service professionals wield the training and experience necessary to remove trees safely. 

Consider trimming and pruning your tree before hiring tree removal services. Saving a damaged tree remains easier and less expensive than removing a tree. Follow the below steps for obtaining a tree removal permit in Destin, FL: 

Visit the City of Destin Website 

The City of Destin website includes helpful links for obtaining permits, paying fines, and learning about upcoming community events. The City of Destin website also includes specific requirements for removing trees from residential neighborhoods. 

Click The “I Want To…” Button

The “I Want To…” button at the screen’s top right-hand side features numerous links to find nearby parks, attend virtual city council meetings, and apply for permits. Click the “Apply For a Permit (Compass)” icon to begin applying for a tree removal permit. 

Apply for a Tree Removal Permit

The City of Destin website redirects you to the COMPASS webpage, where you can begin applying for your tree removal permit. Search for “Tree Removal” through the application assistant tool to find the correct permit forms. 

Trust Brothers In Arms Tree Service for All Your Tree Removal Needs

Brothers In Arms Tree Service proudly serves the Florida community. We remain a veteran-owned and operated business that offers exceptional tree trimming, tree removal, and emergency tree services. We treat our customers like family and approach each tree project with care, compassion, and integrity. 

To learn more about tree removal permits and why you should always hire professional tree removal services, call us at Brothers In Arms Tree Service at (850) 461-9500 to receive your free quote today! 

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