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When is the Best Time for Tree Removal in Florida?

Is there a rule about the best time for tree removal for Florida’s residents and business owners? At Brothers in Arms, our arborists know that no time feels right to remove a beloved tree, especially one that has beautified your residential or commercial property for decades. However, if you are starting to see dead branches, pests, and fungal rot, it may be the right time to make some big decisions. 

Does there seem to be one or two hazardous trees on the property? In this explainer, the Brothers in Arms experts discuss what to do and why it might be easiest to call a reputable tree removal service in Destin

The Most Suitable Time for Tree Removal is Now

Keeping guests, customers, or the family safe from broken branches and allergens is always a priority. Weak, dying, and decaying trees wreck cars, crash through roofs, and invite wasps, hornets, and mildew to the party. Unhealthy trees also infect neighboring trees and plant life unless the property owner takes advantage of professional intervention.

When should you call a licensed arborist like Brothers in Arms Tree Service? As soon as you notice the following warning signs:

  • Damage that lasts more than a year
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Wilted branches
  • Blemished fruits and bark tissue

An arborist can give the tree a fair chance at survival or advise on how to remove it safely. For example, dead branch stubs and vertical cracks across the trunk might indicate internal decay that can no longer heal. If more than 50% of the tree tissue is dead, the arborist may recommend removal. 

Trees also die due to stress from droughts, excessive heat, tree diseases, and invasive pests. Eliminating sick trees might save neighboring plant life, so always follow the timeline recommended by the arborist you consult. 

Our tree care experts might also advise waiting until the seasons change to save time or money on tree removal. For example, summertime removals might invite fungal spores and insects to the dead stump if you do not plan to grind it.

Which Season is the Best Time for Tree Removal?

Can you wait a couple of months for tree removal? The right timing may save a few hundred dollars or more if you will be felling multiple trees. Tree care companies make fewer house calls during winter and spring, and you may acquire more cost-effective rates at this time. 

Why not get in touch with a local service like Brothers in Arms Tree Services? Spring and winter months are dormant seasons for most tree species, making them easier to cut down with smaller or less dense crowns and inactive fungal or insect pests. Most cities in Florida do not receive snowfall, high winds, frozen ground, or huge storms in late winter or early spring, so this is often a great time to schedule our tree removal options.

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