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Tree Care : Are You Harming Your Healthy Trees?

Your yard full of lush trees requires your thoughtful attention and care. You have to Observe the trees in your yard, notice their needs, requirements and answer their call for love and care. 

While good supervision will propagate your yard trees, constant and misguided tree care practices will destroy your yard. You have to be careful while implementing tree care services in your yard. Some tree care practices claiming to be a star in home yard gardens may prove detrimental to their growth. 

If you are a newbie to yard maintenance, you might want to call on the tree care services in your locality for help. Brothers in arms tree service in Destin, Florida will bring years of experience to your yard. They will evaluate your yard and suggest the appropriate tree practices for you to concur with your style. 

7 ways you are harming your trees:

       1. Too much watering: 

Too much irrigation in hopes of speeding up the growth is a common misconception. The trees require only a specific amount of water every day as it derives all its energy from photosynthesis and minerals from the soil. Watering allows the tree to circulate food and nutrients. It does not work as a growth hormone but is only a carrier for the tree. 

       2. Girdling: 

We do not want vines and creepers to overpower the tree, but we do not like the tree to be harmed while removing the same. 

  • Girdling is the practice of roping the trunk where the climbers are accessing the tree. 
  • Tying a rope cuts off the growth of the vines, but at the same time, it inflicts a rope wound on the bark of the tree.
  • Instead, opt for a tree care service to help remove the extra inhabitants in your yard. 

       3.Using herbicides and pesticides: 

While insects and infestation are a severe threat to the tree, spraying the trees with pesticides is a hasty and unthoughtful solution. It may lead to severe consequences. 

  • The sprayed pesticide can be absorbed by the tree that can alter its internal biology. 
  • The pesticide can dissolve in water and can be absorbed through roots, killing them in the process. 
  • It results in other complications such as deformed foliage, leaf scorch, defoliation, dead tree branches, or death of a tree.

       4. Planting competitively: 

You want to have a yard that is full of lush green trees and flowers. But it is vital that you make a correct approximation of trees and space they require after they have matured. 

  • Planting trees too close to each other will lead to a lack of resources and growth nutrients. 
  • Planting trees with a slow growth pattern next to a hasty tree that claims more space in shorter period towers over the other tree and cuts off sunlight will lead to stunted growth. 
  • The wild tree has to be kept in check with regular tree trimming and pruning, and the other one requires trimming once in a while to boost its growth. 

      5. Improper pruning: 

As mentioned, tree trimming can be utilized for controlling the growth as well as motivating new germination. But these are the ideal results achieved through proper tree trimming and pruning done by the professionals. The tree services Destin are aware of the wounds inflicted through the cutting. The cuts that they make are fast healing and require specific skills on the workers’ part. 

       6. Too many fertilizers: 

Fertilizers provide just the extra boost needed for the trees to grow the fruits in the fruiting season. But when used in unwarranted amounts, the fertilizers may become the death of the tree. Chemical fertilizers may cause chemical burns, acidification of the soil, and the overuse may lead to mineral depletion. 

     7. Staking/guying a tree: 

The practice of providing support to help trees grow straight is a controversial topic for tree experts. 

  • While many support the idea of encouraging proper growth by staking the tree to protect it from storms and bending, many discourage this practice. They argue that natural strengthening of the roots and trunk is barred. 
  • Not to mention, the tight ropes on the bark of the tree hinder the growth cutting off the supply from roots. 
  • Know that a tree with a weakened trunk will grow into an unbalanced tree resulting in a safety hazard. 

The tree services in your area will be happy to evaluate your yard and suggest the appropriate damage control solution for each of your trees. Contact Brothers in Arms tree service in Florida to get a quote on your yard today!


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