can trees regrow bark

Can Trees Regrow Bark? What You Need to Know

Bark is like the skin of trees. It gives trees an extra layer of protection against severe damage, disease, and pest infestations, keeping them in prime condition so they can heighten your property’s curb appeal. However, many people wonder if trees can regrow bark after experiencing damage.

So, can trees regrow bark? To find out, Brothers in Arms Tree Service is here to tell you everything you need to know about tree bark.

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The Importance of Tree Bark

Tree bark is more important than many Florida residents realize. Without it, trees are extremely vulnerable to several types of damage and diseases that often result in premature death. It’s the tree’s first line of defense, making it a very important aspect of a tree’s makeup.

Regrowing Tree Bark: Is It Possible?

So, can trees regrow bark?

Although tree bark is essential to a tree’s health, most don’t regrow bark once it becomes damaged. Instead, a callus forms around the tree wound, taking over the damaged bark’s protective duties. The callus will remain throughout the tree’s life, preventing harmful bacteria from entering the tree while creating a robust seal that limits surface damage.

How to Help a Tree Recover from Missing or Damaged Bark

Although trees will form a callus naturally, you can accelerate the process by clean cutting the damaged area. Cut excess bark from the tree wound to create an oval around its circumference. However, make sure you don’t cut into the tree since that can worsen the wound and stunt healing.

After cutting an oval around the wound, give the tree time to heal. After a few months or so, a callus should form over the damaged area, protecting the tree for decades to come.

Also, never use a sealant to close a tree wound. Sealants often cause more harm than good and can significantly slow down the tree’s natural healing process. 

If a tree suffers extensive bark damage, it’s best to contact a professional like Brothers in Arms Tree Service to determine the best solution. An arborist will examine the wound and help you nurture the tree back to health.

Contact Brothers in Arms Tree Service for First-Rate Tree Care in Florida

Next time you wonder, “Can trees regrow bark?” contact Brothers in Arms Tree Service. Our team will teach you the best approach to tree wounds so your trees remain healthy throughout the year. Whether you need professional pruning services or want to learn about wind-resistant trees, Brothers in Arms Tree Service is here for you.

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