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Winter Tree Care Tips from Tree Service Professionals

The Destin side of Florida experiences very mild winters compared to the extreme conditions in the north. But the trees in Florida experience it as a change in temperature, low sunlight, low rains. All these conditions trigger the natural response of the trees to shed leaves and minimize the energy expenditure. 

It proves that the tree can survive the winter on its own. 

How do trees survive winter?

  • The trees sense the cold approaching in dropping temperatures and shorter days. They begin to prepare for the winter by resorting to dormant existence for the months of cold. 
  • The bark of the tree acts as the insulator for the cells and tree structure against the winter cold. During the quiescent period, the trees stop all the food production processes by losing the leaves, flowers, and fruits. 
  • They release the hormone called abscisic acid that prevents all growth in trees in the winters. The trees are hibernating until the sunlight of the early spring lights up in the morning. 
  • It is, therefore, considered the best time for tree trimming and pruning activities as the wounds heal with the lesser danger of infestation. 
  • The trees require less attention and more isolation. However, complete ignorance can cause the tree to starve to death in winter due unavailability of food, water, and sunlight. 

Winter tree care tips from the professionals: 

Survival is not equal to healthy growth. The trees may be able to stop the growth and fend for themselves with limited resources, but they require care and support to make a luscious comeback in the following spring. You can help the trees prepare for the winter as well as the arriving spring with the following tree care tips

1. Trimming and pruning: 

The dormant season in Florida is the best for tree services in Destin because of the trees’ bare minimum foliage and healing capability. With exposed branches, the workers are more efficient in reaching the otherwise foliage-covered tree branches and shaping the tree without the fuss of leaves. Removing the dead or dying tree becomes an easy affair. Tree service professionals advise the homeowners to wait for the winters when the trees naturally shed their leaves, creating lesser mess while felling. 

2. Mulch: 

Mulching is among the top-most tree care tips where the wood chip mulch is spread over the ground up to 3-4 inches thick. The fine-textured mulch protects the roots from changing soil temperatures, holds the moisture to prevent root draught in winters, and the thick layer protects the roots from lawn mowers. By spreading the mulch up to the dripline of the canopy of the tree above the ground, you can help lock in the moisture and prevent the trees from starving.  

3. Water and fertilize:

Winter is the most lenient season among all to go through tree care and tree service. The tree requirements are at the minimum, with no extra care or support needed. Watering the trees every two to three days is more than enough when the trees are expending no energy, undergoing no transpiration. The fertilizing practice is exclusive for the evergreen plants that are green throughout the year. Even then, the fertilizers are the addition of only manure or decomposed fallen leaves in the soil. 

4. Anti Desiccants: 

Although trees lose all their leaves and stop the growth process, spraying them with anti desiccants for preventing the trees from drying out in winters is advisable. Consult your local tree service in Destin, fl, for this measure. They will advise you if the coming winter is harsh enough to spray antidesiccants on the trees. They lock in moisture and further slows the process of water loss. 

The winter may not be so harsh on the trees if you implement tree care practices. You may want to tackle the trimming, pruning, and tree removal in this dormant season as the trees are naked and easier to work with. The tree service in Destin, Florida, will prepare the tree for the arrival of spring. The evergreens that are trimmed and pruned by the tree service professionals are known to have more blossoms and fruit as the energy goes in blossoming instead of feeding to all of the trees. Brothers in Arms tree service in Florida will make sure your trees are prepped and all ready to make your yard blossom with the colors of spring. Give them a call to estimate the tree removal cost for your yard.

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