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Why Do You Need Tree Pruning and Trimming this Summer?

With summer around the corner, we lean more towards staying indoors or in the cool shade of the yard trees. For Fort Walton Beach, the summers are the most humid of all seasons as it rains for 13.5 days a month. The temperatures vary up to 32℃ or 91℉ during midday and are too hot and humid. The rains make it difficult to go out, so everyone is confined within the walls of their house. 

The rains are harsh even on the trees in your yard, which experiences waterlogging, and canopies heavy with rainwater. Not to mention the arrival of hurricane season in fort Walton beach that typically lasts from June to October when trees are at the highest risk. 

Summers are, therefore, the season for grooming and preparing trees for the coming hurricane season. 

4 Important Facts About Trimming In Summer

1. Identifying the dead ends

while many consider the dormant season is the best for tree trimming, the reality is starkly opposite. With trees without their leaves, it is impossible to identify the damaged/dead tree branches that have to be trimmed off. In summer, you can recognize the trees with dead limbs and decaying branches that need to go as those without foliage cover. Tree trimming and pruning are hence beneficial in the summers.

2. Infestation

Bugs and insects find respite in the trunk of the tree for great and easy summer. The branches that are vulnerable to the infestation are easy to spot and hence get rid of by tree trimming and pruning

3. Summer Fruits And Flowers

The trees’ energy expenditure is cut down with light  trimming and pruning. It results in the use of the energy to bear extra luscious fruits and flowers. The farmers use this trick to get more yield. And you can too. 

4.Preparing for the hurricane season

The trees with large canopies act as a sail for the winds and storms during the hurricane. Tree trimming and pruning will thin out the tree foliage and allow wind circulation. It makes the tree stand tough against the winds. 

Types of Trimming:

  1. Fine trimming: mainly done for appearance purposes, the tree trimming company will shape the tree beautifully. 
  2. Standard trimming: this involves heavy cutting, including branches and leaves. Usually performed to improve the branch structure, growth, and position.
  3. Hazard trimming: done for emergency reasons. When a tree branches into power lines and wires, it becomes necessary to trim off the extras to avoid safety hazards. Call the emergency tree services (link to another page) that serve your area.
  4. Crown raising/raise canopy: the low-hanging branches are cleared off, and the overall crown of the tree is raised to prevent it from obstructing pathways. 
  5. Deadwooding/Canopy cleaning: it is the method of removing the dead and the decaying branches. It is a necessary step to promote the growth and healthy bloom of the tree. 
  6. Crown thinning: to enable sunlight to reach the center of the tree. Big tree branches need to be removed to ensure that the tree remains trimmed for a long time. It creates space so the wind will pass through, preventing the wind from pushing it and causing breakage. The tree trimming company will deliver excellent service as It requires quite precision and expertise. You have to make sure to trim the branches so that they are evenly spaced.


Summer is a great time to advance on the tree trimming and pruning procedure. It provides an advantage against natural calamities. With dead ends removed, the growth is enhanced, and the tree bears more fruits and flowers. 

Maintaining your yard is an evolving process that requires careful attention, time, and effort. You have to invest yourself in your garden. Brother in Arms tree service will help you with the most difficult one. Let the tree trimming service handle the hard work for you and allow you to worry about tasks like watering and new trees to plant this summer. 

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