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Why You Should Hire An Arborist To Prune & Trim Your Trees?

Who is an arborist?

An arborist is more or less a tree surgeon. He/she is an expert in planting, maintaining, and caring for trees and shrubs. provide solutions to all the tree care doubts ensuring the tree is in the best form. They are the providers of the tree care service, which makes them fully capable of handling risky situations, tree trimming tasks and emerging victorious with your tree in best of health. Hire An arborsit,

While many concentrate on watering and pruning, the arborist goes beyond this and knows the science of how to heal the wounds inflicted by tree trimming, how to tackle trees in power lines, tree diseases, and tree care after pruning or tree branch removal.  

Brothers in Arms tree service has been providing their service in all of Florida, including niceville. They come in, backed with trained soldiers and expert advisors for the benefit of your yard. 

What does an arborist do?


The arborist enters your yard with years of experience and training. They know the telltale signs of diseases and ailments common to the trees and can assess the health of trees with distinction. They diagnose the tree problem, the extent to which it has spread, and if there is an immediate threat to the surrounding trees. 


Depending on the tree health, they suggest the service they require.

    • Tree pruning: if there’s an infestation, the trees are dying from the inside. They lose the ability to repair and heal themselves as the damage rate is more than the healing rate. If the infestation is detected in time, it’s possible to save the tree or at least a part of it. An arborist will always try to spare the tree with tree trimming and pruning instead of taking extreme measures.
    • Tree removal: tree removal is unavoidable in some cases. The imminent death of the tree due to fungal infection or the peril caused by the onset of the infestation is the sign easily recognized by a qualified arborist. It’s their motive to save the other trees in your yard and remove the ones proving to be a threat. 
    • Emergency tree service: the trees entangled in power lines, planted near utilities, have a law against them that they need to be removed to ensure local safety. An arborist is called to advise in both cases as he is aware of the tree laws and regulations and can inspect the tree damage and take action. Also, storm-hit trees with broken branches or tree trunks are treated as a tree emergency by the local arborist. 
    • Land clearance: they clear the land and tree stumps responsibly. Taking care of the structures around the trees, minimizing the danger and accidents. 
    • Planting: depending on the yard extent the tree should be planted, assuming the maximum growth and the area it will consume in the future. Overcrowding of trees may cause them to scramble for soil nutrients and resources. The arborist is knowledgeable about the trees and their growth. He plans the trees accordingly for your yard space. 


The arborist you hire must keep in mind your wishes and yard requirements. They have to suggest a plan acceptable to you as well as the trees. In cases where tree trimming is the answer, they will trim and prune trees to eliminate diseased parts. But when it comes to tree removal, the arborist team will remove the tree without the fuss and prioritize your safety.

Why hire an arborist for your yard?

The Hire An arborist brings to your yard unmatched expertise and knowledge. They make a custom plan for your yard according to your desires and tree requirements. 

They bring to your yard the services that will make your yard bloom and overflow with green prosperity. 

Call on the Brothers in arms tree service for the best tree care and tree services in Niceville, Florida.

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