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Trees are recognized as the “Lungs of the Earth.” Every arborist at Brothers in Arms Tree Service knows the importance of trees. That’s why we provide tree services Fort Walton Beach, Mary Esther, Santa Rosa County, Okaloosa County, and many other areas of Florida. We consider trees as living things with a persistent, tall, and visible trunk. 

Huge, evergreen trees act as natural air conditioners for us, lowering ambient temperatures through evaporation, especially in hot and dry climates.The magnificence of our surroundings is enhanced by the meticulous planting of trees, which leads to a change in the landscape’s skyline.

Indeed, shade trees enhance the aesthetic of a landscape while also providing a habitat for many wildlife. However, there are other advantages to having well-placed trees. Shade trees, just like in the summer, protect your home from high-intensity sun rays and keep your home cooler, saving you money and energy.According to many expert arborists at Fort Walton Beach, over a 100-year period, a single shade tree which is properly positioned near a house will “lower net carbon emissions by 31% during summertime power use”.

Here are the 5 best Shade Giving Trees in Fort Walton Beach: 

1: Weeping Willow Tree

The Weeping Willow is also known as “Salix babylonica”. It is one of the most lovely shade trees.It also has a faster growth rate, meaning it grows more than 2 feet every year. Despite the fact that weeping willows thrive near water, there are a number of species that are perfectly suited to drier environments.The tree’s shallow, widespread roots can clog sewers and drains. Weeping willow trees can grow to 30 to 50 feet tall with a similar spread.

2: American Sycamore Tree

The American sycamore tree, popularly known as the American plane tree, which can reach vast heights. Sycamores are typically found alongside ponds and lakes, but they’re also planted in residential yards if there is enough room. Sycamores in the Fort Walton Beach Area grow at a modest to fast rate, around two feet each year, eventually reaching a maturity height of 75 to 100 feet or more. These majestic trees can survive for more than 250 years if they are properly maintained. The branches of such large trees can indeed be injured by wind and snow. They drop a lot of debris during their maturity period.

3: Northern Red Oak Tree

The Fort Walton Beach Tree Service describes the Northern Red Oak Tree as the most beautiful, cleanest, shade-giving tree in America. The Northern Red Oak Tree is the state tree of New Jersey. It is recognized for its versatility and utility, as well as its resilience in urban environments. The tree is also known for its spectacular fall color, importance to wildlife, and role as the state tree.It is indeed a swiftly growing species that’s worth considering if you’re planting a tree in your front or back yard or even on the farm.

4: Silver Maple Tree

The Silver Maple is also known as Acer saccharinum. It is a large shade-giving tree with silvery lower leaves that grows four to six feet per year.The silver maple reaches a mature height of 50 to 80 feet and a spread of 35 to 70 feet. The silver maple’s rapid growth comes with a cost or a downfall: the trees’ frail limbs are likely to break in strong winds or heavy snowfall. The Fort Walton Beach Tree Service suggests that you plant silver maple trees away from driveways and walkways, because they have shallow roots.

5: American Holly Tree

The American Holley is also known as Ilex Opaca. These lovely broad-leaved evergreen trees can reach a height of 98 ft and 33-66 ft in width. They have a pyramidal structure and bright red berries, as well as dark green, fibrous leaves with sharp edges. American holly trees make excellent landscape trees and shade-giving trees at the Fort Walton Beach Tree Service in Florida. They’re also beneficial for the environment and surrounding atmosphere. Small creatures can hide in the deep foliage, while the red berries provide food for numerous birds. The most crucial fact to remember about American lilies is that they are dioecious, which means they are either male or female. The red berries are produced by the female holly trees. It can take up to 5 years to determine whether you have a female or male American Holly Tree.

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