Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree Cabling and Bracing – Ensuring Your Tree Survives a Storm

The survival of the tree depends essentially on the roots and tree trunk. If the roots are strong and healthy, it extends the life of the tree by decades. The storm causes immediate destruction of the tree roots and trunk by breaking or uprooting the trees. Tree cabling and bracing is the preventive measure to support the tree through adverse weather conditions. 

Our reluctance to tree  removal and attempts to save it led to the development of this science. Tree cabling and bracing is an engineered process of measuring the strength of the tree trunk and branches and using the strong limbs to support the weakened ones. 

What is tree cabling and bracing?

The older the tree, the more is the danger of weakening of the roots and root trunk. The weakened tree stands no chance against the storm and hurricane or even heavy pounding rains that Florida has all year round. 

Tree cabling and bracing is a preventive measure against natural disasters like heavy winds, storms, the weight of ice, heavy tree crowns, and so on. 

The bracing acts as a tree support system. It restricts the movements at the joining where the bracings are. It rigidly holds together or apart from the split branches by a threaded rod or bolt. You drill a hole and place a rod to make sure there is no unnecessary movement or brush up. It is a highly sturdy structure installed when the tree starts suffering from cavities, split branches, or weakened structures. 

Cabling restricts flexibility as compared to bracing but allows airflow. The heavy tensile cables are installed in the upper ⅓ of the tree and provide tension to support the weak branches by tethering them to the strong ones. 

Codominant v/s crotch:

the trunk split at the developing stage of the tree can be tackled by eliminating one of the two parts of the split.  But in older trees, you are required to install cables or braces. The higher the split angle, the more the structural damage and the higher the need for proper cabling and bracing. The braces are required for the multiple leader stems cables for additional support. 

The unbalanced tree which you don’t want to cut can be corrected to a set limit by installing cables and braces. This particular endeavor requires the expertise of professional tree services to drill braces and fit these cables.

Consult an arborist before you decide to tree removal. It is possible to find a solution to the tree problem by hook or cable to ensure safety and save the tree. The arborist will figure out the plan to hold together the tree split, cure the tree cavities, support the weakened root system and balance out the leaning tree. 

Types of tree cabling and bracing:

  • Dynamic cabling: a synthetic cable installed provides flexible support and a little swaying movement to the trees. The slack wrap of the steel cable allows elasticity for the limited but necessary bent of the branches bound with it. Shock absorbers for reducing stress are a must.
  • Static cabling: it is the solution for v crotch of the tree trunk. The j lags are installed in one of the trees with firm hooks and clamps. A steel cable is strung between two j lags with considerable slack to hold the other part of the tree firmly in place. With an extra cable wire on either side, releasing the cables to allow growth without cutting into the tree bark. 

Why hire brothers in arms tree service?

If not installed properly, and the tree cables and braces cause further damage to the tree. The tree service experts are required to trim and -prune the tree to reduce the crown weight. Then cables are placed along with the bracing to increase the structural stability of the tree. But , the cabling system requires a timely check-up for strength or damage. 

It is a chief affair that requires quality skills, patience, and tree trimming tools expertise. An excellent tree company would have good experience and study, precision tools, definite skills, and situational awareness. Contact Brother in Arms tree service and get a quote on the estimated cost for tree trimming your yard professionally.

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